SRAMcc is affiliated with the Wessex Cyclo-Cross league.  Affiliation enables SRAMcc riders to accrue points from their races which count towards both individual and team standings in the Wessex league.

The Wessex league races typically take place between September and February at venues located between Southampton and Didcot.  Keen racers typically race on a dedicated Cyclo-cross bike but Gravel and MTB bikes are also allowed and a common site in the league.

Races are split in to age groups and male and female races which means you should always be racing against your peers.  SRAMcc have a growing number of riders participating across most groups with 15 riders racing at least once last season and a number of others expressing an interest to join in.

This increase in riders is testament to the good spirit within the club and it’s quite common for riders to arrive early ahead of their race and also stay on for subsequent races to cheer on their fellow team mates, cowbells and vocal support is encouraged.

Entering a race is easy.  Go to the British Cycling website and search for Wessex Cyclocross League in the events section, and enter the appropriate race for your age/sex.  You can also find out more information at the official Wessex League website:  If you enter in the early part of the season Wessex will allocate you a fixed number for the duration of the season.

Lastly there is also a SRAMcc Cyclocross Facebook sub group where all things Cyclocross is discussed including training sessions, race prep and results.

BC Affiliation

British Cycling affiliation means a cost to the club which is met via by our subscription system like many other clubs.

Note that paying your club subscription does not give you automatic membership of British Cycling. You need to subscribe to British Cycling separately and they have their own associated fee. If you need a race license, like the Halfords 10% discount, or want to take advantage of any of the other offers available to British Cycling members then we strongly recommend you join British Cycling.

What BC affiliation means for you as an individual

A benefit of our club’s affiliation is that you can get up to £20 off membership when joining British Cycling for the first time.

What BC affiliation means for us as a club

Insurance cover for rides and club officials as detailed here. For the purposes of club rides, a club official is defined as any club member who takes on the responsibility of organising or leading a ride.

We also make use of the British Cycling Online Subscription Manager. This allows payment of club subscriptions using British Cycling’s secure web payment system. All major credit and debit cards are accepted on this system. There is no charge to the club and the money is paid directly into our club’s bank account.