Porton, Winterslow, Dean Loop

Out of Five Rivers and up Castle road, turn right at the old castle and through Ford, then the Winterbournes to Porton (Take care going down to the cross roads in Porton)

From Porton, go right, over Porton Range to the A30. A left and right to go up Clough Lane into Winterslow. Down the hill, then right into Weston Lane, and right again to go past the church in West winterslow to the windmill crossroads.

Left at the windmill crossroads, into Pitton, then left to go over White hill to Farley and East Grimstead, following the road around to West Dean, At the top of Moody’s hill turn right, over to West Grimstead, then through Whaddon and Alderbury back in to Salisbury. 

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Amesbury Loop Plus

5Rs, Woodford Valley, Great Durnford, Amesbury, Upper Woodford, mile hill over to Gt Wishford, then back to Salisbury via Quidhampton.

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Alderbury, Winterslow, Porton, High Post Loop

Salisbury to Alderbury. After crossing the A36 at the top of the first climb turn left to Pitton. Right at the cross roads in Pitton all the way along past the windmill to cross the A30. Over the range, Gomeldon Rd climb, then right at Winterbourne. Left at the roundabout, then a short stretch along the Portway before turning right to go up to Highpost. Descend Jubilee then make your way back to Salisbury.

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Broad Chalke Dinton Loop

Five Rivers to Wilton Road, then drop down Ashfield Road to head out to race course hill via Lower Bemerton and Quidhampton. Over race course hill to Broadchalke and then Fifield Bavant. Right at Fifield B to Fovant, then over to Dinton. At Dinton follow the road back to Barford St Martin and then on to Wilton via Burcombe. From Wilton straight back along the main road to Salisbury.

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