Join SRAMcc


This section contains specific information about the process of joining SRAMcc.

You should also look at the information in the Club Structure and Club Rides sections. This is important. You need to know how the club works, and to know our procedures for keeping you, and us, safe.

Most importantly, if you have little or no experience of riding in a group with other cyclists then you should look at Ride Etiquette before joining your first club ride.

How to join SRAMcc

The club is administered through various social media channels, so it is worth taking a bit of time to understand how it works, and how to access the information you need.


The club has three public social media presences to help people find out about SRAMcc:

  • an open Facebook page ( ),
  • a Twitter account which gives some information about rides and events etc. Search for @sramcc in the Twitter search bar.
  • This website


We use a separate, private, Facebook group to communicate with club members and to organise many of the rides and activities. The private FB group can be found at . Simply navigate to the Facebook page and click the “join group” button

SRAMcc has a “Try before you Buy policy”. Anybody can ask to be added to the private Facebook group.. You can stay for a few months, have a look round, and book onto a few rides. If you like what you find after a couple of months then we will ask you to formally join the club and stump up some cash. Every few months people who join the Facebook page but don’t join the club will get deleted from the Facebook group.

All of our club rides will be advertised on the Facebook page, with details of how to join each ride.

When you want to actually join SRAMcc as a paid up member this is done through the British Cycling, who administer club membership on our behalf. Click here for the Club Membership Web Portal. You will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions of Membership and Data Protection statement.

You can join the club without joining British Cycling or you can join the club AND join British Cycling.

People who intend to take part in many organised cycling competitions will need to purchase British Cycling RACE membership. Sportive club and leisure cyclist who do not compete can choose to join BC in the RIDE category, These memberships gives you access to certain benefits such as Legal Liability insurance, a newsletter, and other benefits, and also your membership helps to support BC in it’s campaigning/support work for cyclists.

If you choose not to join BC you should consider whether you want to obtain cycling Legal Liability insurance from a different supplier. This insurance is not mandatory for joining a SRAMcc ride or event, but it may help to give you peace of mind. Look at the Insurance page for information about how the Club’s insurance policy works and what is/is not covered.


There are a number of SRAMcc sub-groups in addition to the main Facebook group. This helps to avoid cluttering up the main group with specialist chat. Once you are into the club and want to find out more, feel free to ask to join the relevant sub-group.

Currently (Jan 2021) these are 

If you have any questions about a specific rides or events then post the question  on the relevant Facebook page. Or for general questions about the club please ask one of us

Simon Dawson. SRAMcc website editor,