Weekly Club Rides

SRAMcc organises a series of weekly club rides. By signing up to club rides (many of which have a cafe stop included) then in the absence of a clubhouse, local cyclists can still meet each other, learn new skills, develop their fitness, make new friendships, and help each other to enjoy this fantastic sport.

Thursday Club Ride

The main club ride of the week. This is a road ride of between 25 and 35 miles. We organise different groups at different speeds to cater for varying fitness levels,  from 12 up to about 20mph.

If you can ride 25 miles at an average speed of over 10mph you should be fit enough to sign up for the slowest (12-14mph) group.

If you have never ridden in a group with other cyclists before please read the ride Ride Etiquette section before booking onto a ride, and book onto a Thursday 12-14mph group so you can practise these skills safely before joining a faster or longer ride.

If you have previous experience of group riding at speed then please feel free to sign up with whatever group you think is best for you.

Details of all of the rides will be promulgated to members in our SRAMcc Facebook group (details in the How to join SRAMcc web-page).

Other SRAMcc Rides

This is our traditional pattern, but please note that rides will vary through the year depending on season, weather, and the availability of ride leaders. Not all rides will run in the winter months. Please check on our Facebook group for detailed information.

  • Monday Evening – Off Road (MTB/CX/Gravel ) Fast paced off-road ride
  • Tuesday Evening – Off Road (MTB/CX/Gravel) Social Ride
  • Wednesday Morning – “Midweek Miles” – Road Social Ride.
  • Thursday Evening – Club Road Ride (see above)
  • Saturday Morning – “Get It Out The Way (GIOTW)” fast paced training road ride
  • Sunday Morning – Social Road Ride with cafe stop.