Complaints Procedure

1. Introduction
   – SRAMcc is committed to providing a positive and inclusive experience for all members. We recognize that there may be occasions when members have a concern or complaint.
   – This complaints procedure aims to provide a fair and effective process for addressing and resolving complaints.

2. Making a Complaint
   – Any member who has a complaint should first try to resolve the issue informally by discussing it with the relevant individuals involved.
   – If the complaint cannot be resolved informally, it should be submitted in writing (email or letter) to a member of the Committee.

3. Complaints Officer
   – SRAMcc will appoint a designated Complaints Officer who will be responsible for handling complaints. The Complaints Officer will be a member of the current serving Committee, designated depending upon the nature of the complaint.
   – The Complaints Officer will be impartial and should not have a personal involvement in the complaint.

4. Complaints Procedure
   – Upon receiving a written complaint, the Complaints Officer will acknowledge receipt within 14 days and inform the complainant of the steps that will be taken.
   – The Complaints Officer will conduct an objective and thorough investigation, gathering any necessary evidence or statements from relevant parties.
   – The complainant will be provided with updates on the progress of the investigation, and they may be requested to provide any additional information or evidence.
   – The Complaints Officer will reach a decision based on the findings of the investigation and provide a written response to the complainant within 28 days.
   – If the complaint involves allegations of illegal activities or child safeguarding concerns, appropriate authorities will be notified as required by law.

5. Appeals
   – If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome or resolution provided by the Complaints Officer, they may submit an appeal in writing within 7 days of the written response from the original Complaints Officer.
   – The appeal will be reviewed by a designated Appeals Officer, who will be a member of the current serving Committee, designated depending upon the nature of the original complaint and original Complaints Officer, who will conduct a fair and impartial review of the complaint.
   – After reviewing the appeal, the Appeals Officer will provide a final written response to the complainant within 7 days.

6. Confidentiality
   – All complaints, investigations, and related information will be handled confidentially and shared only with individuals directly involved in the complaint process. In some circumstances the Complaints Officer may discuss any complaints with the wider Committee members if the nature of the complaint or complainee warrants it. 

7. Records
   – All complaints and their outcomes will be recorded and securely stored by SRAMcc for 1 year.

SRAMcc Complaints Procedure

Effective 13th February 2024