Welfare & Safeguarding Policy

1. Introduction
   – SRAMcc is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members, including children and vulnerable adults.
   – This policy outlines our commitment to welfare and safeguarding and provides guidelines for all club members, coaches, volunteers, and staff members to follow.

2. Responsibilities
   – SRAMcc will appoint a designated Welfare Officer responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy and acting as the main point of contact for any welfare and safeguarding concerns.
   – The Welfare Officer will receive appropriate training in safeguarding and have access to relevant resources.

3. Code of Conduct
   – Our club members, coaches, volunteers, and staff members will adhere to a Code of Conduct that promotes a safe and respectful environment.
   – This includes treating each other with respect, avoiding abusive or discriminatory language, and ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of all members.

4. Recruitment and Training
   – Any individuals working directly with children or vulnerable adults in the club will undergo appropriate checks, such as background checks, reference checks, and adherence to relevant legislation.
   – Coaches, volunteers, and staff members will receive training in safeguarding, recognizing signs of abuse, and responding appropriately to any safeguarding concerns.

5. Reporting and Responding to Concerns
   – Any individual who has concerns about the welfare or safety of a club member should report it immediately to the designated Welfare Officer.
   – All reports will be taken seriously and handled confidentially, following proper procedures as required by law.

6. Risk Assessments
   – Regular risk assessments will be conducted to identify and minimize potential risks associated with club activities.
   – Steps will be taken to ensure the safety of members, including appropriate supervision and the use of protective equipment.

7. Communication and Awareness
   – SRAMcc will communicate this welfare and safeguarding policy to all members, ensuring they are aware of its provisions and procedures.
   – We will regularly review and update the policy as necessary to ensure it continues to meet legal requirements and best practices.

SRAMcc Welfare & Safeguarding Policy

Effective 13th February 2024