Ride Leaders

All SRAMcc rides have a Ride Leader whose role it is to guide the group safely around the chosen route and act as a point of contact for participants. As a club however, we still need more people to volunteer as Ride Leaders without whom we cannot organise rides.

The following text provides information about the role of Ride Leader and attempts to answer various questions that have been received.

Any member of SRAMcc over 18 years of age can become a Ride Leader.

  • If you agree to undertake the role of Ride Leader, you are not committing to do it every week, but your name is added to a pool of ride leaders.
  • Requests for Ride Leaders are sent to that pool. Typically requests for Thursday’s Training rides are made by Irfon (Ride Leader Captain) on Sunday night or Monday – normally on a club “Ride Leader” Facebook group.
  • Responses generally state which group a person would like to lead. (Whilst it isn’t possible to allocate the requested group every week, consideration is given to individual abilities). You are not allocated a group at random and would not be expected to lead an 18+mph group if you normally rode at 14-16mph.
  • A similar procedure is used for other rides run by the club.

If you are a Ride Leader, you must take reasonable measures to ensure that the ride is as safe as it can be and fulfil the duties to the best of your ability. The key word here is REASONABLE; you are not expected to guarantee the safety of others, merely to act reasonably. Ride Leaders are not expected to be fixing others bike faults/repairs/punctures etc.

As a Ride Leader you are an ‘official of the club’ who is acting on the club’s specific instructions and are covered by its third party insurance for your ride leader duties.

Ride Leaders play an important role within the club without whose support club rides would not be possible. As such the committee expect every member of the club to respect them, listen to briefings and pay attention to them whilst on the road.

Ride Leader Role Guidance:

The Ride Leaders role is to guide the group safely around the chosen route and act as a point of contact for participants. The aim of this guidance is to make Ride Leader’s role easier and details how a ride leader may lead a group.

Before the ride sets off:

  • Brief the group of the route, expectations of speed, general group ride etiquette and mutual responsibility for safety of the group. (Everyone rides at his or her own risk).
  • Check with new riders to determine their experience, fitness levels and advise them of the appropriateness of the choice they are making if there is any doubt.
  • Announce where the ride will regroup (avoiding road junctions and off the road where appropriate) and use these catch ups to point out any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Use another experienced rider, if possible, to “sweep” and to ensure that an inclusive pace is maintained by communicating with those ahead so that the group is smooth and constant; keeping the pace in a compact tidy unit that enables other road users to judge overtaking distances.

Leading the ride

  • The leader does not have to ride at the front, but should be familiar with the route.
  • For the purpose of leading the ride, she/he is the club’s designated representative. The ride leaders’ decisions should be respected, e.g. decision to shorten a route due to weather/light/safety concerns.

All Rider responsibility

  • All riders have accepted the club rules to follow the Highway Code (when applicable) and show respect to other road users and the general public.
  • All riders acknowledge that they accept any risk associated with cycling on public roads and take responsibility for riding within their own capabilities.
  • Riders agree to follow the directions and decisions of the ride leader on any particular ride that they join.

Insurance and liability

  • SRAMcc is affiliated to British Cycling which provides cover for the club and its officials in the event of any 3rd party claim. As a Ride Leader you are an ‘official of the club’ who is acting on the club’s specific instructions and are covered by its third party insurance.
  • SRAMcc does not provide cover for club members. Individual riders are not covered by the club’s insurance; it is recommended that members obtain individual third party (public) liability insurance, e.g. BC Race Gold, Race Silver or Ride membership or Cycling UK insurance. Further, members may wish to take out personal injury insurance, which is not included in the BC and Cycling UK policies.
  • For further information on insurance look at the British Cycling Website

Ride leader prompts

These prompts may be helpful.

  • Announce the route(s), leader and describe any hazards.
  • Check that riders know which route they are joining.
  • Identify new joiners and guest riders (non-members). Rule of 3 taster rides applies.
  • Promote a prompt start at advertised time of ride.
  • Check numbers and names, especially of new riders, and ensure all have emergency contact details on them.
  • Maintain an inclusive pace and announce first catch up point and subsequent regroups if necessary.
  • Ensure arrangements for a safe return are made for anybody that cannot complete the ride and request that they subsequently notify you of their return.
  • All have fun and enjoy the ride.

In case of accident: call emergency services and get details of 3rd parties involved. Record location, time and weather conditions. Photograph any potholes or other relevant details for future use.