Gravel Routes

The Salisbury Gravel Century

A route created by Simon Dawson, a SRAMcc member.

It’s a 100 mile gravel circuit around Salisbury taking in the best bits of the Chalk Droves, Wiltshire Wild Flower Meadows, the New Forest, Hampshire Woodland, Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge. Best done as a long day out, finishing at Stonehenge at Sunset (although other options also work).

Full details are on Simon’s Website.

The Ridges West of Salisbury

This is a good route for newcomers to Gravel riding or to Salisbury. It’s a route that demonstrates the beauty of gravel riding. If you go up high enough there is no tarmac and traffic, just you and the views and the birdsong.
Join and finish where you want, and there’s lot’s of flexibility if you don’t want to do the full route. Do the Northern or Southern bit only, or use the Shaftsbury Drove as a short cut to link different bits.
It’s also a good basis to start exploring if you don’t know the area. The Roman Road through Grovely Wood can be followed West through Great Ridge, or explore the excellent tracks and trails dropping off both sides of the Grovely Ridge.
The Shaftsbury Drove (the East/West ridge trail North of Broad Chalke) can be followed West to near Shaftsbury (but it is more fun going East, slightly downhill).
And don’t ignore the short bit South of Broad Chalke. My favourite bit of the entire route is the fast, straight, woodland singletrack in Knighton Wood. That too is the line of a Roman Road which (if you want an epic adventure) can be followed on farm trails and bridle paths all the way from Old Sarum to Badbury Rings.
The Strava route is here.

Salisbury to the New Forest

A 30 mile route that shows two different, mostly gravel, routes from Salisbury to the New Forest, and which gives a good introduction to typical New Forest Riding

  • Lots of superb gravel trails
  • Scenic woodland and plain
  • Lots of up and down so a need to pace yourself if you don’t want to blow up.

Strava Route Here

Many SRAMcc Gravel riders go back to the New Forest again and again. There is lots to explore and enjoy, and lots of new trails to find. Much of it is rideable year round, apart from a few muddy, swampy valley floors which you can soon learn to avoid.