• New website!

    New website!

    As some of you might have noticed, the website is undergoing a little refresh at the moment. Not everything is completed as yet, but please have a look around and drop us some feedback. Many thanks!

  • Calshot Track Session 1

    Calshot Track Session 1

    A great time was had by all on the boards at Calshot. Further sessions planned for the 14th December and 9th January so sign up via Facebook!

  • SRAMcc and COVID lockdown

    (Updated  25th May 2021) Government regulations allowed for club rides to restart in April 2021 after the lockdown. SRAMcc follows detailed guidance provided British Cycling, the Sport’s national governing body, when planning these COVID compliant rides. On May 17th there was a change in the rules which made little difference to how we managed rides,…