SRAMcc and COVID lockdown

SRAMcc and COVID lockdown

(Updated  25th May 2021)

Government regulations allowed for club rides to restart in April 2021 after the lockdown. SRAMcc follows detailed guidance provided British Cycling, the Sport’s national governing body, when planning these COVID compliant rides.

On May 17th there was a change in the rules which made little difference to how we managed rides, but relaxed the requirements on travel and socialising before and after each event.

Managing club rides to be COVID compliant is a complex process and things will be different from before lockdown,

  • Please look out for SRAMcc Facebook announcements and read them carefully.

The British Cycling document giving advice on cycling in COVID in stage 3 (after 17th May) can be found here:

The Way Forward – Planning a safe return to sanctioned cycling activity and facility use

The main points are as follows

  • BC affiliated club rides (i.e.SRAMcc organised rides) on highways trails and tracks can take place with any number of riders. Clubs are however free to set a lower number for safety reasons, and to maintain leader/rider ratios. SRAMcc has a general policy of 8 riders per group, although this can be adjusted up or down by the ride organiser/leader if considered appropriate to the conditions and circumstances.
  • SRAMcc is required to maintain Track and Trace records of ride participants on any event it organises.
  • Informal riding (groups of friends meeting together) can involve groups up to 30.
  • Socialising  before and after rides typically has a limit of 30 people outdoors, or 6 people/two households indoors.

Please read the linked document if you want more details.

  • Chapter 2 gives detailed guidance on organising club and recreation programme activity (i.e. typical SRAMcc club rides).
  • Chapter 3 gives detailed guidance for coaches and MTB leaders.
  • Chapter 3 gives helpful updates on how First Aid is affected by COVID protocols.