BC Affiliation

BC Affiliation

British Cycling affiliation means a cost to the club which is met via by our subscription system like many other clubs.

Note that paying your club subscription does not give you automatic membership of British Cycling. You need to subscribe to British Cycling separately and they have their own associated fee. If you need a race license, like the Halfords 10% discount, or want to take advantage of any of the other offers available to British Cycling members then we strongly recommend you join British Cycling.

What BC affiliation means for you as an individual

A benefit of our club’s affiliation is that you can get up to £20 off membership when joining British Cycling for the first time.

What BC affiliation means for us as a club

Insurance cover for rides and club officials as detailed here. For the purposes of club rides, a club official is defined as any club member who takes on the responsibility of organising or leading a ride.

We also make use of the British Cycling Online Subscription Manager. This allows payment of club subscriptions using British Cycling’s secure web payment system. All major credit and debit cards are accepted on this system. There is no charge to the club and the money is paid directly into our club’s bank account.