Wessex Cyclo-Cross

For the 2017-2018 season SRAMCC is trialling affiliation with Wessex Cyclo-Cross. Affiliation enables individual riders to accrue points from their racing in Wessex Races, and will also enable SRAMCC to compete for the Team Awards.

Why cyclo-cross?

  1. You’ll have lots of fun and make new friends. I’m not sure if friendly people are attracted to Cross or it makes people more friendly. You can make your own mind up.
  2. It has benefits for other disciplines.
  3. No matter your level of fitness or skill you will find it a rewarding challenge and there will be someone to compete against.
  4. It’s very family friendly. Everyone in the family can compete. Kids are especially encouraged.
  5. There are no cars and if you fall off it’s likely to be on soft mud or grass!

If you plan to ride more than a couple of Wessex League events then it’s worth registering with the League. It costs nothing and can be done online here http://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/2017/league-registration-now-open/. You have until the 3rdSeptember, so do it now. Registering makes your life and that of the race organisers much easier. You keep the same race number throughout the season.

Now you’ve registered for the Wessex League you need to enter some races. All Wessex events will eventually be listed on the British Cycling website. At this point in the season you can check the provisional race calendar on the Wessex League website http://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/events/list/.

You can find all of the Wessex events as they appear on British Cycling’s website here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events?series_id=175.