Wilton Singletrack Sesh

Wilton Singletrack Sesh

20 mile route suitable for beginners perfect for a pub ride to the V&A at Netherhampton.

Out along the boardwalks, turning left and climbing up the fields to Devizes Road.

From the road, drop down through the housing estate to Wilton Road at the petrol station, drop down from here into Chruchfields to pick up the Broken Bridges trail.

Follow Broken Bridges to golf course hill and climb up to meet the drove. Turn right at the drove and ride along to the road at Salisbury Racecourse.

Cross the road and turn immediately right into the trees taking the next right to pick up the “beechnuts” single track.

At the end of the trail turn left onto the road and left again after a short spin taking home farm road into Wilton.

Turn right and take the roads to the cross road by the market in Wilton. Turn left at the crossroads and right further down the road to the hollows.

From here you climb up to meet Grovely Woods. Turn left at the top of the climb and left again to take you back down to Burcombe.

From Burcombe ride along the roads to join the A30 briefly before turning left to take the single track climb back up to the woods near the Drove.

Continue in the woods heading back towards Wilton eventually coming out on a farm track alongside the South Street Road heading back towards Wilton town centre.

Before you hit Home Farm Road again, turn right into the woods and take the single tracks back through the woods to the top of Beechnuts again.

Head back down Beechnuts to rejoin the road this time taking the road all the way back to Netherhampton.

Cruise back along the road to the foot of golf course hill where you can turn left into the fields taking the broken bridges trail into Harnham.

From here take the roads back to Five Rivers via The Old Mill and Town Path.

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