High Post Loop

High Post Loop

18 mile route over easy terrain, perfect for beginners.

Take the boardwalks, gravel paths and farm tracks form Five Rivers coming out on the road at Avon Farm Cottages.

From here take the roads to the foot of Snakey Hill, turning right through Little Durnford Farm and following the paths up to monarchs way.

Ride up the rooty climb on Monarchs way and pick up the farm tracks to the road turning right to the traffic lights at high post.

Cross the road and turn left, taking the bridlepath along to boscombe down. Ride along the fence line and follow the double track down from here to the A338.

Cross over the A338, past the ford and up to Gomldon Primary School. Drop into the fields at the top of the hill following the trails untill you reach the foot of Figsbury Rings.

From here take the paths by the river to Ford, ride along the road and turn left taking Green Lane up to Bishopsown Farm.

Ride along the roads through the estate to St Marks hill where you can take a gravel path along the top of the hill to the Harvester.

Stop here for a pint or head down Hudsons Field and back to Five Rivers.

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