Salisbury Plain Pedal

Salisbury Plain Pedal

35 mile route over fast terrain without too much climbing

Head away from Five Rivers along the boardwalks and bridlepaths to Avon Farm Cottages.

Turn onto the roads at the cottages and follow the woodford valley to the Bridge Inn

Past the pub turn right and take the singletrack to Wilsford Cum Lake

Cross the road here picking up the bridleway taking you to the A303 at Stonehenge

Over the A303 take the byways to Larkhill and turn left onto the road.

Turn right after a short spin along the road to get onto Salisbury Plain and pick up the Southern Transit.

Cross the A345 at Brigmerston and continue over the river Avon on the Southern Transit

Turn right up the hill at the Silkhill Plantation leaving the Southern Transit and picking up the byway to Bulford Camp.

Take the single track through the trees at Bulford Camp to come out alongside Tidworth Road.

Turn right away from Tidworth Road to Hills Copse where you pick up another bridle path taking you back under the A303 by Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm.

From here take the trails towards Bocsombe Down riding round the edge of the site up to the side of the A345.

From the back of Boscombe Down, take the farm track down to the A338 and cross over to climb up the hill to Gomeldon.

At Gomeldon take the paths through the fields to take you to the foot of Figsbury Rings. From here, cross the road to take the bridlepaths along the river to Ford.

Turn right down the road at Ford then turn left on to Green Lane up to Bishopdown Farm.

At the top of Green Lane turn right along the road by the new builds at Bishopdown Farm. From here you can pick up the trails along the fields over to the Harvester by Old Sarum.

Cross the road to Hudsons Field and cruise back to five rivers.

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