TORQ 12:12

TORQ 12:12

TORQ 12:12

So the 25th of August was the TORQ 12:12 epic MTB race and we had 2 great teams in it – 1 3 man team with Peter Dixon-Clarke, Lee Johnson and Garrick McMullin and one 4 man team with Jonathan Fearne, Oli Woods, Kevin Harrington and Mike! It was a great day with many teams being pro or semi pro so the competition was on!

Each team experienced some mechanicals but at the end the 3 man team managed to get 10th and the 4 man team 12th in their categories!! Such a great result for SRAM and a great day for all so well done to all you guys!

Bring on next year.

Here’s a few photos from the event, gallery coming soon!

Kevin Harrington

Jon Fearne

Oli Woods

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